Pastoral Services

Weddings and Unions

  I am an Ordained Non-Denominational Minister through the Universal Life Church Ministries and perform LGBT, Inter-Faith, Secular and Christian Wedding Ceremonies. i take deep pride in personalizing not only the ceremony but also the vows so that all attending feel inspired in the spirit of love and happiness that they share with the couple long after the service has concluded.   When you are preparing for your celebration you may come to find that you need an “Officiant,” to oversee the service and you may not be connected to a church. You may or may not be on a spiritual path. Some of the most authentic and beautiful people I know have no religious connections at all. And I have many clients that are very spiritual people but do not belong to a church community. Anyway, now you are looking for the correct person who will be able to fulfill this place of responsibility and be just right for the event you are planning. Whatever your upcoming event is, I want you to know that I have walked alongside many individuals, couples, and families and have helped them to fulfill their needs and wishes with honor and respect for whatever occasion presented itself. Whether it is a small and intimate celebration or one much larger, or an event with a lot of lead time or little to none, I will make sure to deliver a service that reflects what YOU desire.  Service Fee: $150 - $300  

Baby Naming Ceremony

   This is a non-religious ceremony that usually takes place in the parents home with close family and friends present. It is a wonderful opportunity for the parents and their families to celebrate the birth of a new member in the family and “officially,” name and welcome them into the world. A reception usually follows with food and cake and guests enjoying their first visit with the new baby.   What is included in the Ceremony? · Introduction and entrance of parents with child into a ceremony-like setting  · A special song is played or poem is read  · A vow from the parents is given · If other siblings are present – a vow is given to their new brother or sister · A baby naming statement is given  · Any other special family custom or ritual is encompassed · A keepsake gift to the baby. Service Fee $150     


   For many families that are spiritual but not connected to a church community it can be a frustrating time when considering whether or not to baptize their child. They want their child affirmed as a child of God and supported in their life journey by others who will be present to them but are not ready to commit to a religious affiliation.   Sometimes I feel like Baptism has lost what I believe is to be the original meaning and purpose of the ritual. For me Baptism is affirming your connection to God and the world and recognizing that a change has occurred. For parents with a newborn baby, it is in the action of washing the child with the loving water of family and a chosen community watching over and recognizing the importance of their support as they raise their newborn child. They may want to have, “God Parents,” for their child so that they have someone whom they trust to be there for their child’s faith journey and will help to companion their child through their own “God,” questions. This special Baby Dedication Ceremony includes: · The entrance of parents with baby into ceremony like area with a special song chosen for child by family. · Special poem or reading · Personalized prayers · Some religious content of family background and hope for future (if desired) with an any personalized customs · Vows to newborn child from parents · Family member participation (naming  of God Parents) · Special Blessing for child and Family · Any additional family customs including signing of family certificate. Service Fee: $200  

Memorial Services

  For many who are facing the death of a loved one; a funeral home service is not what they want or often more than they can afford. For some a funeral home is ideal until it comes to the ceremony for their loved one. If you are not connected to a church, finding the right venue and the correct person to facilitate this service with a spiritual tone (or not) can add more unnecessary grief to the process. They want to have someone who can personalize and honor the person with a more unique perspective. So often we are looking for someone who will understand our grief in that moment and just help us to manage the details with grace. We will spend time with you to do just that and involve the participation of family and friends and full coordination with whatever your needs may be.   We will assist you with the difficult details if you wish as an objective advocate for you and your family. Dealing with the vendors necessary to coordinate specific tasks can be overwhelming. We are NOT connected to any of them but have been companioning families on death journeys for a long time and know of good resources to link you with.   Our Celebration of Life Service includes: · Welcome to guests with special music · Lighting a candle in remembrance of loved one · Honoring family members of loved one · Family customs or rituals  · Eulogizing loved one – participation from family/friends · Original readings, poems, music, special remembrances · Other meaningful ideas · Spiritual or Scripture readings (if desired). Service Fee: $200  

Pulpit Supply

  I am available on occasion to fill in as pulpit supply on Sunday mornings. I have a worthy understanding of worship language and message themes and can work with the lectionary or a particular idea and put the service together in part or whole. I have enjoyed many years of speaking to different congregations and organizations and I offer sermons that are welcoming and do not exclude anyone. I served in Christian education on staff with the UCC for over 20 years teaching and leading both children and adult programs. I have been studying and teaching on the historical Jesus for most of my career. A sample of one of my sermons is available upon request. Fee: $250 (Sunday morning, one service – please add $100 for two).  

Staff Spiritual Development

  I am available to consult with and to plan and provide staff development for churches and organizations seeking to grow through community building and experiences with a spiritual content.    I am always as flexible as I can be with my fee.  

I have several themes and activities developed over the years and also enjoy creating new ones based on your groups needs. Please contact me for more information or to set up a consultation.

Service Fee begins at $100