Programs & Retreats

Spiritual Direction

  This is sometimes referred to as spiritual direction or spiritual guidance or spiritual friendship. It is an on-going relationship in which one person who is seeking to be more attentive to her or his spiritual life, meets with another more experienced and trained person who is present to them for “holy listening,” and spiritual companionship on a regular basis. This is done in one hour monthly sessions and specifically for the purpose of becoming more attuned to God’s Presence in order to respond more fully to that Presence in their everyday life. 

Cost: $75* per session (*based on 12 month covenant.) 

           $50* per session -  Students & Seniors (65+)  (based on 12 month covenant.)

"Awakenings" - Small Group Exploration

  This six month program offers individuals the opportunity to come together in a small group with other seekers. We gather one morning a week for 6 months in a variety of locations and settings to explore our own Spiritual journey both independently and collectively. We will awaken our souls through nature, music, silence, deep listening, special readings, meditation, reflection, prayer, journaling and conversation. This program is open to people of all denominations and faith origins. Beginning Saturday’s/September 15, 2018 OR Tuesday’s beginning September 11, 2018, from 9 am – 12:30 each month. 

Cost $150+one time material fee of $25 (monthly payments accepted with signed covenant.)  

Visualization Collage

    Blessed always for the arms of God surround us. We will spend a couple of Spirit filled hours together with prayer, music, readings, sacred conversation and a little quiet meditation. Everyone will create their own scripture collage or journal.  We will conesider a few questions for ourselves too such as: What are my strengths right now? What scripture or mantra fits my life and my deepest desires? and What inspires me?  Refreshments included.    Cost$10 (Group - 10 person min)  

God Talks and Workshops (for Chruches, Groups, Organizations)

 Consulting Your Spiritual Compass   Balance and going through life whole and holy is often a process of beginnings and endings and beginning again.  This is especially true for those who walk the path of a Spiritual life. As we move into the second half of this year it is a good time to pause and take a moment to review.  I invite you to join me as we explore the metaphor of a “Spiritual Compass.”   Consider the image of the compass and its circular form and the different directions open to us, like the symbol of the mandala; it encompasses all the pulls and pushes that lay within us. This can be helpful as we work to clarify the direction that we need to move to achieve balance, wholeness, healing, and a more meaningful spiritual journey. Come, pray, listen, share and check in with your own Spiritual Compass to get some deeper perspective for moving forward in 2018.  Refreshments and materials provided, free of charge. 2 hours.    

Retreat Leadership

  I am prayerfully available to lead retreats, workshops, God talks and other interactive gatherings with churches, groups and organizations. I have a menu of themes and outlines that are available upon request. I also really enjoy planning and collaborating with groups to meet their needs and yearnings and discover where God is leading them. I am always as flexible as I can be with my fee.     

FAQs about Spiritual Direction

  What is Spiritual Direction? Spiritual Direction offers a place to explore prayer practices, meditation, spiritual experiences and your growing desire for significance. It is not psychotherapy, counseling or financial planning. Spiritual direction is specific to your spiritual journey and encourages you to explore the movement of God within your life. If you are taking the first steps to learn to pray or have been meditating for decades, spiritual direction is valuable. Taking into consideration your unique personality and temperament, spiritual direction is a place to reflect on how to pray, your ongoing or unfolding spiritual practices and the stages of spiritual development in the life of a sincere seeker. Like prayer, contemplation and meditation, spiritual direction nourishes your spirituality and empowers us to serve with authenticity and grateful hearts.  

  What do I talk about in spiritual direction?  Your whole life is ground for the life of your soul, your highest values, love, creative energy, the holy and the sacred.

  I’m not comfortable sharing this part of my life with others, is that normal?  Yes, this can be difficult. Many people are more comfortable talking about the details of their sex life than they are talking about the details of their spiritual life. This is why having a Spiritual Director that provides you with safe space for holy listening can be very helpful to your deepening your relationship with God. 

  What is a Spiritual Director? The real spiritual director is God. God touches the human heart directly. The human spiritual director does not “direct” in the sense of giving advice and solving problems. Rather, the director helps a person respond to God’s invitation to a deeper relationship.

  You may come to spiritual direction for a variety of reasons:  

  • Identify and explore your      experiences of God
  • Hear yourself say some things      out loud
  • Integrate spirituality and      prayer into your daily life
  • Discern and make decisions
  • Share struggles, celebrations,      losses and disappointments.
  • Find encouragement and     affirmation
  • Grow in relationship with God,      self, others and Earth